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Green Handmade Temari Necklace with Silver Chain, Japanese Folk Art Jewelry, Unique Long Boho Chic Ball Pendant Necklace


About Temari:
Temari balls are a folk art form and Japanese craft, originating in China and introduced to Japan around the 7th century A.D. "Temari" means "handball" in Japanese, made from embroidery. Historically, Temari was constructed from the remnants of the old kimono. Temari are highly valued and cherished gifts presented as gifts on special occasions.


Hand embroidered necklace

Materials: 925 Sterling Silver and cotton threads

Pendant Temari ball height: about 0.8"
 Length: 22"/24"/28" + 1.8" drop
All items are packed in a labeled gift box, ready to give as a gift

International customers: Please be aware of any possible international customs charges or import regulations.

Luna Stripes Necklace Green

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