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Knitted Silver Unique Statement Necklace , a hallmark of distinctive accessories. Meticulously crafted from premium silver, this necklace boasts an exceptional knitted design that truly distinguishes it as a standout statement piece.

Elevate your style with this unique statement necklace, a perfect fusion of creativity and elegance that adds a touch of individuality to any ensemble.


I design and craft each piece in-house with great care and attention to detail, combining modern and traditional textile techniques using only the highest quality materials.

Features -
* Handknitted Knitted Necklace
* Materials: 925 Sterling Silver
* Length: 18.5" / 47 cm + extension chain, contact me for custom length!
* All items are packed in a labeled gift box, ready to give as a gift
* The necklace is shiny and sparkling

Please be aware of any possible international customs charges or import regulations.

Penelope Necklace

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