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Jewelry care

In order to keep your jewelry looking its best please follow these instructions:

The 925 sterling silver stays shiny for many years, but with time, natural processes cause oxidization and tarnishing. The next few tips will help you to keep your silver glow.
Sterling silver can be cleaned with Silver Cleaner Solution, please follow manufacturer's instructions.
Remove jewelry prior to showering, before bathing in the sea or a swimming pool, and before going to bed. Prevent jewelry from coming in contact with cleaning or beauty products.​During the summer silver jewelry will tarnish quicker than usual, caused by the oxidization, sweat and humidity in the air.  

Oxidized sterling silver will wear over time, revealing the natural silver beneath for a beautiful antique finish. Oxidation can be renewed using the liver of sulfur solution at a local jeweler or at home, please follow the manufacture's instructions.

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